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Introducing our law firm

Opes Legal & Consulting 
focus on
Estate Planning & Succession

Introducing Our

Law Firm

Opes (pronounced opus) is latin for abundance, riches and wealth.  Ensuring your financial and non-financial plans can be carried out after you pass away will provide your family peace of mind and prevent family disharmony.  This opes is our focus.

We have experience working with families to determine their estate planning wishes, prepare or amend strategy and documents from the very simple to the complex. We specialise in reviewing and firming up trust arrangements.

How we can help you


Estate Planning Strategy

We provide a review of your current strategy for the transfer and control of wealth and/or structures, or help you to prepare a strategy. 

We can stress test arrangements to identify any risks. This involves detailed analysis of trust, company and business structures with the delivery of an outcomes report 

including an easy to follow action plan.


Focused Advice

If you are worried about how the law will deal with an issue relating to your trust structures or estate; we can provide you with guidance and steps to take to mitigate risk.


Family Office Services

We encourage open discussion with family members about your estate plan. Families can benefit from coming together for meetings, preparing agreements, charters or family constitutions. We can help with tools that will benefit your family, outline how they operate and facilitate open conversations.


Estate Planning

We can prepare documents to distribute your assets on death, provide guardianship for children and appoint a decision maker if you lose capacity. 


We can assist in preparing documents relating to structures and businesses in the event that you can no longer make decisions or pass away.

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